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Performance Classic Car Parts
Classic Ford and BMC axle, Limited Slip differential and gearbox rebuilds

At Performance Classic Car Parts we rebuild axles and gearboxes for popular classic Ford and BMC models from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Ford or BMC axle and gearbox rebuilds can be completed either to standard factory specification or to customers' own spec. In some instances we can overcome known design weaknesses or use parts made of modern higher performance materials. We also specialise in rebuilding Limited Slip Differentials (LSDs) such as the Salisbury Limited Slip Diff widely used in competition cars of the 60s and 70s.

The specialist skills and equipment needed to rebuild a hypoid bevel rear axle, last produced several decades ago, have largely disappeared. Often an axle is rebuilt with parts that may be good but has not been set up properly. The result is the components quickly wear and the axle becomes noisy. With our knowledge and experience of classic Ford and BMC axle and gearbox rebuilds we supply a unit that will be durable providing it is used within its capacity limit.

For a full explanation of the checks, refurbishment and setting up applied when we rebuild a differential or gearbox, please refer to the Ford axle rebuilds or BMC axles rebuilds page. Whilst rebuilding, a different ratio crownwheel and pinion or a limited slip diff, or both components, can be installed. A full listing of the ratios used is given on the Ford Axle Options and BMC Axle Options pages.

We can also offer gear ratio options with Ford and BMC gearbox rebuilds. Close ratio gear sets can be supplied for many gearboxes, and for competition use straight cut gears can be fitted. Further details are given on the Ford Gearbox Rebuilds and BMC Gearbox Rebuilds pages.

Performance Classic Car Parts
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